Welcome to Rockridge Smiles: Home of the Healthy Smile.

Did you know that a healthy smile is a window to a healthy body? Maintaining good oral health not only brightens your appearance, but also prevents serious disease. Here at Rockridge Smiles, Dr. Caroline Peterson, Dr. Melinda Chan and Dr. Audrey Peterson's top priority is helping you maintain healthy teeth so you can look and feel your best.

We provide high-quality dental services in a safe and caring environment. We pride ourselves on being dentists who take a personal approach. Ours is a relationship-based dental practice: our many loyal patients continue to choose us for our family-oriented atmosphere, as much as for our expertise in dentistry. And we provide a full range of preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dental services, all done in the comfort of our Rockridge office.

Welcome to our unique and thriving dental practice, where residents of Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont and the greater East Bay Area come to smile. Because your smile is more than just your best accessory, it's your key to overall good health.